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Investment and Reporting Services

Heritage professionals have over 25 years of investment experience in every asset class including marketable securities, fixed income, currencies, commodities, hedge funds, private equity and real estate.  Additionally, Heritage advisers can evaluate and structure investments in private equity or real estate partnerships as well as single investments in private equity or real estate.  Heritage professionals will analyze, document and follow up on any and all of these transactions.

One of the most significant services that Heritage Wealth Counselors can offer clients is the proprietary Compuport™ reporting system that integrates disparate sources of data and technology into simple-to-digest reports. Heritage can provide a full suite of profiles, reports and statements as well as interpretive tools.

With its exclusive capabilities, Heritage provides financial statements customized to include performance from a variety of aggregated sources. These state-of-the-art tools provide clients with vital information to assure a well-ordered, complete and timely picture of their current assets and liabilities, enabling accurate and strategic response.

With Heritage’s exclusive reporting services, we can:

• Produce client balance sheets and asset allocation
• Formulate actual and projected cash flows
• Review, monitor and evaluate money manager performance
• Track and monitor realized and unrealized gains and losses for tax efficiency
• Assist in income tax planning
• Develop an investment policy statement for all taxable and non-taxable entities
• Streamline and combine paperwork and reports
• Assist, review and evaluate private equity, hedge fund and real estate investments
• Implement new reporting requirements

Utilizing Compuport™, Heritage can distill performance information into a single report and provide a series of interpretive evaluations along with extensive professional advice. Monitoring an estate’s day-to-day progress, in step with the family’s predetermined values, with knowledge of both short and long-term goals, enables Heritage to provide consistent support while simplifying complex tasks for its clients. Compuport™ is the single distinguishing factor separating Heritage Wealth Counselors from other wealth managers.

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