Family Office Services

Heritage Wealth Counselors embodies the new model for the Family Office where traditionally large staffs of dedicated professionals have provided custody, reporting, investment management and a variety of other services to families.

By utilizing the exclusive Heritage Compuport™, Heritage Wealth Counselors can aggregate performance measurements from a variety of product types to produce a single reporting statement on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. The tool enables Heritage to compare and analyze performance, track gains and losses, graph trends and scrutinize fees. Included in the reporting is capability to compute progress of hedge funds, private equity and limited partnerships.

Heritage Wealth Counselors Family Office Services offers a full range of support with concentration on roles as chief advisor to the family, investment review or management, financial administration, trustee services and back-office support services. A complete line of Lifestyle Management services including property management, business management, office services, travel planning, staffing and personal security are also available.

Why a Family Office?

Most high net worth individuals have spent most of their energy amassing their wealth and very little time planning their future. In today’s complex financial world, too many people with major financial resources either neglect managing their personal financial affairs or focus too heavily upon tax savings as the basis for their planning. Another factor is that affluent clients are bombarded by a variety of advisors and end up with a disjointed collection of capable consultants pulling in various directions, often inconsistent with each other.

A financial empire should be run just like any other successful business. The first advantages to a Heritage Family Office are time savings and peace of mind. After years of amassing their wealth, few want to spend full time worrying about growing and preserving it. At Heritage, a Family Office can be established with as much or as little service that may be required. Heritage’s customized service offering allows a client a comfortable fit and the ability to grow at their own pace. Staffing can be family or non-family members supported by Heritage Wealth Counselors' professional organization that includes expertise in accounting, investments, tax and estate law as well as philanthropic and trust advisement.

With Heritage Wealth Counselors Family Office Services you can:

  • Centralize and simplify management and reporting
  • Increase overall net worth of the family portfolio
  • Streamline and leverage management assets to increase cost savings and efficiency
  • Clarify decision-making to better fulfill family values and goals
  • Maximize legacy and impact of family wealth
  • Provide flexibility for life’s vision and philanthropic changes
  • Allow leverage for smaller family assets
  • Provide efficiency and effectiveness to lifestyle planning
  • Maximize your free time

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