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Sample Report Table of Contents

Our all-inclusive Report gives you a well-ordered, complete, and timely picture of your entire portfolio...from investments to insurance to's all there in one report presented clearly and concisely. A sample of what this report includes is provided in the following annotated Table of Contents:

Asset Allocation Pie Chart

• In a single picture you are able to see the relative size and percentage of each investment class.

• It provides you with a clear and easily decipherable display of where your assets are.

Consolidated Balance Sheet

• Just as holding companies want to see a consolidation of all subsidiaries, so you need to have a picture of your total Balance Sheet as well as the components that comprise the whole.

• The Balance Sheet details such items as:

             • Assets, Liabilities, Future Commitments, and Contingent Liabilities

             • All of the above by type (Cash, Fixed Income, Equity, etc)

Cash Flow

• Everyone wants to be able to identify and control the direction if income and expenses. The Cash Flow report enables you to see where money is coming from and going to in all entities, thereby enabling you to make more informed spending and saving decisions.

• Your monthly cash flow (with quarterly sub-totals) identified by source, such as:

             • Operating Activities with individual components listed

             • Investment Activities with individual investments listed

             • Other Activities as applicable

Comparative Performance

• Are your managers all performing as expected? Are some poor performers hiding in the summary? The Comparative Performance Report enables to you quickly see who is working for you and who isn't.

• A report listing each Investment manager and their performance:

             • Monthly

             • Year to Date

             • Inception to Date

Individual Investment Manager Reports

• With the multitude of investments you hold, it is not easy to keep track of what is where and with whom on a detailed level.

• The Individual Investment Manager Reports detail individual investments by manager with respect to:

             • Market Value, Gain/Loss, and Remaining Commitment.

             • Real time accounting of all Capital gains and losses