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Planning and Implementation Services:

Our comprehensive wealth management transition team works with all advisors in developing and implementing an estate plan that meets your goals and values.

Heritage Wealth Counselors provides a comprehensive layout of a proposed balance sheet and cash flow analysis and will show how to reduce estate and gift taxes, increase transfers to heirs, enhance charitable giving potential and/or produce various current income tax benefits. While developing the plan we actively communicate with the family and its advisors to confirm the plan will meet all of your objectives.

Heritage will also coordinate the implementation of the proposed wealth design by involving your family’s lawyers, money managers, insurance agent and any other member of your typical planning team. By gathering information as required from outside professionals such as accountants, trust companies and securities representatives, Heritage will jointly determine the scope of the engagement. Based on the complexity of the assessment, Heritage will submit a comprehensive proposal accordingly.

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Financial Management System

Heritage’s customizable Financial Management System gives your family a comprehensive, dynamic and consolidated wealth picture by providing easily accessible financial information. This facilitates well-informed decisions on any aspect of the wealth management portfolio.

Family members and advisors are provided the ability to obtain and share detailed or general financial information with ease. Daily, monthly and quarterly reports are broken out in a variety of categories including balance sheet, cash flow, detailed reports by money manager, by asset class or by a category of your design. Utilizing the advantages of the unique Compuport™ system, clients are provided a relevant, empirical high-wealth knowledge base providing performance comparison snapshots for dynamic control.