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We help families successfully transition their wealth along with their values to future generations through our proprietary wealth counseling process.

Heritage Wealth Counselors, LLC employs the Family Wealth Protection Process™ to provide proprietary services for preserving, growing and the generational planning of wealth. Heritage Wealth Counselors specializes in all aspects of legacy, wealth, and estate transition for high net worth families.

Heritage Wealth Counselors consists of a team of professionals and strategic alliances who bring extensive experience to the wealth counseling practice. Under the leadership of its CEO, Jack Sullivan, an industry-leading voice and practitioner of wealth management, Heritage’s uniqueness focuses on providing an unrivaled wealth protection process with discreet and personalized service.

Specializing in all areas of wealth and estate transition planning, Heritage Wealth Counselors have been successful in assisting a wide variety of families purposely transition their wealth, enhance family unity and create significance in their lives. Today, Heritage has administrative and financial oversight of over $200 million of assets.

Why Heritage Wealth Counselors?

Heritage Wealth Counselors utilizes a scaled-down support team and a new virtual platform to execute its processes and help execute a family’s long-range planning. By first working with the family through its one-of-a-kind guided discovery process, Heritage Wealth Counselors then determines values to provide a personalized estate, financial and wealth transition plan.

Working closely with a family’s existing financial advisors, Heritage implements its proprietary reporting system to condense, review, monitor and verify performance. Ultimately, Heritage Wealth Counselors provides its clients with concise evaluation and advice for all investments and assets including money managing, private equity, hedge funds and real estate holdings as well as tax planning.


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